Univision: Designing for a Polycultural Future

Univision Communications Inc. is the fourth largest media company in the U.S. With hundreds of properties spanning broadcasts, radio, digital and more, UCI has impacted generations of multicultural Americans since its inception in 1962. In 2016, Univision acquired Fusion Media Group (The Root, The Onion, Gizmodo, etc). As their long-term strategic partner, RSR was tasked with strengthening the brand’s evolved position as the voice of a new, more diverse America.

The redesigned corporate site showcases UCI’s newly expanded portfolio. It also reinforces Univision's role as an industry thought leader by providing valuable insights on how the changing cultural landscape impacts marketing.

As the primary designer on the account, I helped to structure the site’s IA, established UCI’s new look & feel, designed a fully responsive site, and created a content style guide to ensure visual consistency across Univision’s digital platforms, photography, data vis, graphic and video content.

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