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NBA Rapid Replay: Reimagining Sports Consumption

The year was 2017 — NBA’s international fandom had been growing at an exponential rate. Meanwhile, although domestic TV ratings continued to fall, fans however were more engaged than ever with the league and their teams and players on social media. It was apparent that fan behaviors were drastically evolving, and we needed to help the league shift with the changing times and get fans access to more of what they want.

Insights from our 2016 app showed us that 45% of the NBA’s media consumption came from videos on mobile. And due to the international time difference, a majority of the audience followed the league’s happenings through highlights and game recaps instead of live game streams. Additionally, companies like ESPN and Bleacher Report are dominating the sports media market with videos from the NBA. All signs pointed to an opportunity to leverage the the league’s powerful highlight engine and expansive media library to build our own immersive video experience.

And so, out of the idea of giving fans access to more action-packed video content, NBA and RSR created Rapid Replay — the in-app feature that delivers real-time video highlights to action-seeking fans all over the world.

As the primary designer on the NBA account, I worked closely with stakeholders through Rapid Replay’s strategy, design, prototypes and implementation.

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